McDonald’s the key to better US-North Korea relations?

Posted June 07, 2018

US President Donald Trump has assured Republican senators that Congress would be able to vote on any potential deal that he might conclude during his upcoming summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, CNN reported.

Singapore authorities on Tuesday marked out a part of the island surrounding the Capella hotel as a special security zone for the days around the summit.

The Capella Hotel is where high ranking officials from the US and North Korea have been holding working-level discussions on the upcoming talks.

"We feel like things are continuing to move forward and good progress has been made", Ms Sanders said.

"I do believe the phrase "getting to know you" that President Trump's probably exact wording from what the North Koreans want to do", Yun said, referring to Trump's characterization of the summit following a meeting with a North Korean envoy at the White House last week.

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The Singapore Mint will release three versions of the US-North Korea summit medallions: gold, silver, and nickel-plated.

In November, at a time when North Korea still clung to its defiant pursuit of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, Singapore suspended trade ties with North Korea in line with toughened sanctions imposed by the U.N. Security Council.

"A lot of relationships being built, a lot of negotiations going on before the trip", he said.

Trump said last week he expected an eventual "very positive result" with North Korea but dampened expectations for a breakthrough in Singapore, saying it could take several meetings to reach an agreement.

Mr Trump called off the summit in May, accusing North Korea of "tremendous anger and open hostility".

Speaking to Austria's ORF channel ahead of a visit to Vienna on Wednesday, Mr Putin said he "fully agreed" with the US President on the possibility that a new arms race between the countries could break out, and hoped the two leaders could work together to prevent it.

The former National Basketball Association star, nicknamed "The Worm", has formed a bromance with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un after a visit to the rogue nation in 2013.

"We've reached a point where the summit is extremely fragile and can easily be tipped out of balance", Graham Ong-Webb, a research fellow at Singapore's S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, told AFP.