Election 2018: What to watch for as California's results come in

Posted June 06, 2018

Under California's primary system, all candidates appear on a single primary ballot, with the top two vote-getters regardless of party advancing to the November election.

No state will be more consequential to the success or failure of a prospective blue wave this fall. But a fellow Democrat, Newsom, is the clear front-runner.

District 39, an open race for a seat held by U.S. Rep. Ed Royce, who is not seeking re-election, showed former Republican Assemblywoman Young Kim with a strong lead, and Democrat Gil Cisneros in second place. Despite making education a foundation of her campaign, she lost the coveted endorsement of the California Teachers Association to Newsom and has struggled to get serious momentum in the race.

Voters were also asked to weigh in on their pick for Congressional candidates - the party nominations for two U.S. Senate seats and the 12 districts for the House of Representatives. Together, the competitive seats in both states amount to almost half of the 23 districts Democrats must flip if they want to win the House.

Officials in Los Angeles County said the error affected 118,000 voters and about a third of the county's 4,357 polling locations.

Menendez and Hugin spent the primary campaign season offering a preview of the general election, hurling insults at one another while raking in millions of dollars in campaign contributions. Voters are able to add or update information in person now when they go to vote. In the Central Valley, Kern County Clerk Auditor Susan Rooney said 49,000 of the 233,000 mail ballots sent out had been turned in as of Tuesday morning.

"I don't agree with all the liberal Democratic things going on in California", Margaret Gallistil said of casting her vote for Republican candidate John Cox.

That's certainly the case for vulnerable Alabama Rep. Martha Roby, a Republican who faces a hard primary challenge after becoming the first to withdraw her endorsement of Trump in 2016.

He said he voted because, "it's my duty".

"I'm calling on @LACountyRRCC to keep the polls open longer because of the unprecedented number of voters left off the voter rolls", Villaraigosa said in a tweet.

Democrats aim to flip 10 of the 14 Republican-held congressional seats this fall, including seven districts that voted for Clinton in 2016. The choice could splinter the Republican vote, which might lead to two Democrats on this November's ballot. Former state Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon argues Feinstein isn't doing enough to oppose the Trump administration. On Tuesday, he defeated Rahway publisher Lisa McCormick, who mounted a campaign for governor previous year before backing another candidate.

California Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox told FOX Business that Democrats have put the state in fiscal turmoil.

Rosendale has GOP establishment support, but that may not be a plus for Montana Republican voters. The closing days of the race were marked as much by dueling complaints over that spending as by differences between the candidates, their priorities and their styles of governing.

Voters unsure of their polling place for Tuesday's primary election use San Diego County's online locator.

"We have 7,000 candidates vying for governor and so the top two primary system means you end up voting for people who you think can win not who you believe in", he said. The Republican came under fire from conservatives after she said she wouldn't vote for Trump after the release of the so-called Access Hollywood video in October 2016 in which Trump made vulgar comments about women.