Harvey Weinstein accused of rape in new class-action lawsuit

Posted June 02, 2018

A second woman, Caitlin Dulany, claimed that while attending the Cannes Film Festival in 1996, she was sexually assaulted, battered, threatened and held in Weinstein's hotel room, according to the lawsuit.

There, he exposed himself, invited her to shower with him and importuned her to give him a massage, the complaint says. At that point, it alleges, "Weinstein grabbed her, using brute force to push her flat on her stomach as he pulled up her dress" as she fought.

Following his arrest last week, Weinstein was released on $1 million bail and is required to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. At the hotel, he led her to a room, where, she said, a few minutes later he forced her onto a bed and raped her. "Thompson was fighting back, but could not outmuscle him", the lawsuit said.

Harvey Weinstein, center, listens during a court proceeding in NY during his arraignment on rape and other charges on May 25.

The third woman, Larissa Gomes, says the former media mogul "chased her around the room" at a hotel in Toronto.

Almost 100 women have now accused Weinstein of crimes ranging from sexual harassment to assault and rape going back decades.

Thompson's lawsuit said she had audio and video evidence of the assault, but alleges she was tricked by Weinstein's defense attorney Ben Brafman into giving it to him. Weinstein has denied sexually assaulting anyone.

After she sent video to Spiro, believing he worked for Brafman, she later texted him and he responded, "What? No".

Brafman, Weinstein's lawyer, is one of America's most celebrated criminal defence attorneys.

At the end of the meeting, Weinstein promised to make a deal for the technology but asked her to meet for a drink later in the day at a Manhattan hotel bar, the lawsuit said.

Melissa Thompson, the primary woman in the suit, claims she was referred to Benjamin Brafman's law firm, the main attorney-at-law for the embattled Hollywood executive. "In addition, while at this firm, he never met with Mr Weinstein nor did he have any responsibility whatsoever in connection with our representation of Mr Weinstein in any matter". "I left the Brafman firm well before Brafman ever represented Weinstein, and, in fact, I represent one of the key victims, but Ms".