Hawaiian volcanic lava covers over 2000 acres of land

Posted June 01, 2018

There have been curfews implemented for residents between 7 am and 6 pm in Leilani Estates, Government Beach Road, Kapoho Beach Lots and Vacationland.

The Israeli-owned 38 megawatt plant typically provides around 25% of electricity on the Big Island, according to local power utility Hawaii Electric Light.

State conservation officers have arrested a NY state couple for allegedly violating park closure and evacuation orders in an active lava zone.

The Kilauea volcano's massive eruptions of lava have also left many cut off and trapped as it threatens to block escape routes.

"The volcano emergency is an ever-changing situation", said Jason Redulla, acting chief of the DLNR division. Many have evacuated the area, and several have made a decision to stay in order to protect their belonging from thieves.

It got worse in 2008, when the summit eruption started.

Hawaii Governor David Ige has said the wells are stable. The well was successfully plugged in anticipation of the lava flow, and a second well 100 feet away has also been secured, according to the report.

Authorities estimated Tuesday night that lava had consumed 71 homes on the Big Island, including 20 in the previous two days, Hawaii County Civil Defense Administrator Talmadge Magno told reporters during a news conference in Hilo.

"The work they did was tremendous, and the relief to the community is tremendous", he said.

According to local reports, lava has already overrun two of 11 wells on the plant, but state officials say they think that the plant's wells will hold and unsafe hydrogen sulfide will not be released.

About two dozen recent fissures in that area have created towering lava fountains and bone-rattling explosions throughout the eruption.

Last weekend, a man sustained the first injury related to the volcano after a "lava bomb" struck his leg as he stood on the porch of a home near a fissure.

Lava covers Pohoiki Road near Pahoa, Hawaii, May 29, 2018. In response, the county closed the highway at about 1:30 a.m. The closure now means that there is only way to access the lower Puna area of the island. Public safety officials are working on getting a better assessment of homes impacted between Monday evening and this morning.

One active fissure is shooting molten rock hundreds of feet into the air, CBS News reported.

Kilauea's main crater at the volcano's summit has continued to periodically belch ash high up into the sky but the National Weather Service says most of the ash is blowing out to sea then dissipating quickly.