Microsoft Kinect is back and this time it's all about AI

Posted May 08, 2018

Microsoft, at Build 2018, has announced that it has open sourced its Azure IoT Edge Runtime platform.

But an even more dramatic development will be the ability to actually see content that lives in your phone right on a desktop window on the PC. This will allow devices such as drones to take important actions without connecting to the cloud. The executive didn't explain how far along Microsoft is on advancing the encryption technique, but the fact that he mentioned the wonky terms shows that the company is touting user privacy as a selling point for its Azure cloud business.

The chips will initially be available within Microsoft's Azure machine learning service for 42 cents an hour. "DJI is the leader in commercial drone technology, and Microsoft Azure is the preferred cloud for commercial businesses".

Redmond computing giant Microsoft used its Build 2018 developer's conference in Seattle to announce a partnership with Chinese drone manufacturer DJI for a software development kit (SDK) aimed at incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and the Azure cloud computing platform. The project is a package of sensors and cognitive services with "onboard compute" to improve insights and operations.The company also announced updates to Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Cosmos DB, the Bot Framework and previewed Project Brainwave for deep neural network processing on Azure and the edge. Expect Microsoft to showcase new technologies, which just like AI are not only to do with developers and apps, but those that cater to industrial setups as well. Office 365 has been a monumental success for the company and they would like Microsoft 365 to follow that same path but the road ahead has many more bumps and fewer monetization options when compared to Office. Over time, Microsoft will give developers direct access to the chips, said Burger, who is also a distinguished engineer at the company. Companies can also publish custom apps to the Teams app store.

On Android, you'll find Timeline integrated with the Microsoft Launcher, and on iOS, it will be built into the Edge app, and. Earlier this year, we heard that about Microsoft's plans of launching its new AI platform- Microsoft ML alongside the next major Windows 10.