Taylor Swift Opens Up 'Reputation Tour' Dress Rehearsal, Visits Fan In Hospital

Posted May 07, 2018

The "Delicate" singer spent time with a special 8-year-old fan at the Arizona Burn Center in Phoenix on Saturday. "Taylor took time out of her busy, busy schedule and sat down on the bed next to Isabella". "She said she had to meet her because she was so inspired by her story and honoured that her music helped her".

Swift brought her all sorts of swag from her Reputation tour, which kicks off in Glendale on Tuesday. "She was speechless. She was so happy", Lilly told PEOPLE.

According to her mother, Lilly McCune, her daughter finds hope and comfort in Swift's songs, often listening to them while doctors change the dressing on her wounds.

She said: "Her parents came too and they were the sweetest people, and it meant so much to my husband and me as parents. Are You Ready for It?" singer helped a homeless single mom buy a home, she's making headlines for helping out a fan once more by visiting a young burn victim who couldn't attend her show. She signed autographs and gifted Isabella with a bag of merchandise from her concert tour.

The McCune loved ones says Isabella suffered third-degree burns up over 65 per cent of her own body when a fire erupted at a neighborhood party on St. Patrick's Day in March.

"She's really nice", said McCune. "So maybe that can happen", Isabella said in the video.

"She was about to leave and I said 'Taylor, can I have a hug?' And she said, 'Yeah!"

Taylor is now beavering away at her tour rehearsals as she kicks off her Reputation run on 8 May, but she took time out to visit Isabella, who is recovering from horrific burns she suffered in March. She even treated them all to loads of free pizza. "They hugged and it was so heartfelt".