Women Sue Charlie Rose and CBS, Alleging Harassment

Posted May 06, 2018

Their lawsuit, filed in New York State Supreme Court on Friday, alleges that the three women were subject to "blatant and repeated sexual harassment" by the former CBS anchor, and then suffered "subsequent unlawful retaliation".

The current plaintiffs, Katherine Harris and Sydney McNeal, who used to work for Charlie Rose, and Yuqing Wei, who is still employed by CBS, sued the former anchor and the network itself on Friday, May 4.

CBS News President David Rhodes has said publicly there "was not knowledge" of Rose's alleged sexual harassment.

"During the week of May 2, 2017, Mr. Kadro approached Ms. Wei from behind, while Ms. Wei was seated at her desk and as an act of sexual harassment, kicked and shoved Ms. Wei's chair with substantial force, startling, intimidating and scaring Ms. Wei", the lawsuit states.

The Post published a follow-up report this week that revealed an additional 27 accusers who said Rose had acted inappropriately toward them, including groping their bodies and making lewd sexual remarks, among other acts.

The lawsuit also accuses CBS executives of failing to warn employees of Rose's history of sexual misconduct. McNeal, who became his executive assistant past year, said he had inappropriately touched them and repeatedly made sexual remarks.

Since Rose was sacked, CBS News said it has taken steps to ensure a safer workplace, including mandatory misconduct training. CBS "did not investigate the complaint, and did not take any remedial action", the lawsuit alleges.

During lunches with Harris, Rose would place "his hands on her thigh and [kiss] her cheek", the lawsuit alleges.

Rose was sacked in November of 2017 after the Post published a lengthy investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against him.

Rose could not immediately be reached for comment.

Rose allegedly made similar advances to Wei, including calling her "China doll" and caressing her arms when she handed him papers. Wei filed an HR complaint, and was subsequently moved to a different assignment.

Harris claims she was wined and dined by Rose while working as a broadcast associate for one of the CBS morning shows, discussing potential job opportunities for Harris at "60 Minutes" or on Rose's eponymous show. The woman said she complained to PBS management and was told that Rose was harmless. She is now on medical leave, according to the suit.

CBS News said it could not confirm or corroborate numerous stories told by The Post. The new allegations date as early as 1976, when, as one woman claims, Mr.

In the following three decades, three CBS managers had been made aware of the complaints, according to the Post investigation.

The network sacked Rose, once one of America's most well-respected television news hosts, on November 21, less than 24 hours after eight women leveled sexual harassment accusations against him in The Washington Post.