House Republicans Formally Nominate Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

Posted May 04, 2018

Donald Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and the mainstream media is still wrapping its mind around it. The group includes several other lawmakers who are also running for governor or senator in Republican-leaning or strongly GOP states. Trump on May 1 said it was "disgraceful" that questions the special counsel would like to ask him were publicly disclosed, and he incorrectly noted that there were no questions about collusion.

At a rally in MI on Saturday, Trump claimed personal credit for "all of it" and the crowd shouted "Nobel!"

Following the meeting between the Korean leaders, Trump had a talk with the South Korean president, following which he had said that "things are going very well".

Furthermore, North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, stated that they would only get rid of their nuclear weapons if the safety of the country could be given.

In recent months, Jae-in and his senior aides have repeatedly thanked Trump for making a rapprochement between the Koreas possible.

But "if in fact the diplomacy goes the right way", the scenario is "conceivable", he told AFP.

"But thus far we have only handshakes, a hug and verbally expressed goals when it comes to peace between North and South Korea".

"The aversion to giving him the Nobel on the Democratic side is caught up in the aversion to him".

President Trump has indicated he will be campaigning in Tennessee during the fall elections.

U.S. Rep. Evan Jenkins has joined 17 others in Congress in nominating President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize because of his work to ease nuclear tensions with North Korea.

"The globalist elite would never give him that win", Donald Trump Jr tweeted on Friday.

"It's unclear how much stock should be put into the Nobel Peace Prize, an award that exists largely to sanctify the political opinions of Scandinavian elites", Rahn wrote. Once again Obama apologizing to the world for us. Former US President Barack Obama was awarded the prize in 2009, "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen worldwide diplomacy and cooperation between peoples".

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank penned a spoof acceptance speech by Trump, complete with the leader's trademark verbal tics.

That's not the tone CBS News took when President Obama won the award in his first few weeks in office.

Sceptics, however, say that Jong-un might be duping Jae-in and Trump into a false peace.