Late-Night Hosts Jab Trump, Defend Wolf's Correspondents Dinner Roast

Posted May 03, 2018

"Comedy isn't just about jokes".

Fellow comedians and several journalists rushed to Wolf's defense. "What the (expletive) was up with that?"

Trump skipped the Washington tradition for a campaign-style rally in Washington Township, Michigan and afterwards tweeted the dinner was a "big, boring bust". "You can't just say whatever you want!" Some journalists called Wolf's performance mean-spirited and others demanded that she apologize. "Unfortunately the stripper's dance routine was not in the spirit of the party'". If you don't give her a platform, she has nowhere to lie.

The "Late Night" host also criticized the White House Correspondents' Association, which organized the dinner, for refusing to defend her. They're the ones who hired Wolf.

Many of Wolf's jokes included vulgar language that couldn't be repeated in stories about the dinner. You have that right. To that, Colbert says, "Grow a pair". "Being mad at her for doing her job is like accusing the valet of briefly stealing your vehicle".

Who is Michelle Wolf?

Gleefully, Noah broke down what exactly was so incendiary about her monologue, saying she "should've had the decency not to comment on a woman's appearance in any way, shape or form".

The comedian also said she thought Sanders seemed to be protesting the press throughout the night when the event was not televised. Another late night host, Seth Meyers, agreed, writing on Twitter, "Few people go to DC and accomplish what they set out to do while staying true to themselves". She is filthy. And she is mean, which is what we love about her.

"Because those are wonderful qualities for comedians and awful qualities for free world leaders".

FOLKENFLIK: The argument is that Michelle Wolf is using Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a woman, and taking her down on the basis, in some ways, of her gender and the role that she plays in a way that wouldn't be done to a man.

"Stop acting like you're surprised", he continued.

"I mean, if there is two people that I actually made fun of their looks on Saturday, it was Mitch McConnell and Chris Christie", Wolf told Gross. She gets a shrug emoji from me, probably because I don't have an emotional or financial investment in loving Trump or in hating him. "That's the kind of comedy the press likes".

Wolf also targeted Vice President Mike Pence ("what happens when Anderson Cooper isn't gay"), counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway ("has the ideal last name for what she does"), first daughter Ivanka Trump ("done nothing to satisfy women. like father like daughter"). Finkelstein cited the controversial jokes made by comedian Michelle Wolf at Saturday's event as the reason for the decision, writing that "major reforms" are needed by the association.

In a statement, the association's president, Margaret Talev, said members' views on the dinner's format will be taken into consideration going forward.

Meyers: "Here's the good news: Michelle Wolf has a new show premiering on Netflix May 27". You may recall, from the "Lord of the Rings", a symbol adopted by the Dark Lord during the Second Age and the Third Age. I think if you listen to the joke you'll understand that it's about the fact that she lies and if it's taken another way I think you should go back and listen to it again.