Comey book outselling Hillary's and Wolff's, combined

Posted April 29, 2018

"There was a boy that the group found irritating, and I participated in picking on him", Comey said. "My mind is open to other points of view, but I don't see it, honestly". He is a man of integrity, which I can not say about Trump.

"I don't, but that won't surprise you", he said in an exclusive CNN interview on Wednesday night when asked whether there was any credence to Trump's claim that Comey releasing the memos broke the law.

James Comey's book tour has stirred an enormous amount of backlash - with critics on both the left and the right criticizing him for his answers and for even writing the book in the first place.

Comey said he did try later in college to reach out to the classmate. (He also asked, "Do I look like a guy who needs hookers?") The timeline Trump has provided of his trip has always been dubious, however, and newly obtained flight records from Politico seem to prove that his stay in Moscow in fact lasted from Friday to early Sunday.

Comey argues that Trump does not make decisions on the basis of philosophical, religious or logical considerations, but simply to assuage the deficiencies of his own character and emotional makeup. President Donald Trump pardoned Libby on April 13. "He only has internal reference points".

Comey portrays Trump as someone who can never think about anything but himself, how he feels.

Join the Rasmussen Minute this week as we catch up with Comey and his idea of "A Higher Loyalty".

"A Higher Loyalty", which is billed as Comey's thoughts on leadership, was atop's bestseller list for several weeks before its release. The book also compares Trump's leadership to those of mob bosses Comey encountered as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of NY from 2002-2003. And yes, I take him seriously. I'm optimistic it will lead to sensible change around guns. But Mueller is preparing a report about Trump's actions in office and potential obstruction of justice when he fired Comey from his post. "Standing up and speaking, and maybe shame the adults to get involved and not remain numb at the things that are critical to this country".