House intel panel releases final report on Russian Federation probe

Posted April 28, 2018

The Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee published the final report on the committee's investigation into possible collusion between President Donald Trump and Russian Federation during the election.

Along with alleged links between the Russian government and the Trump and Clinton campaigns, the investigation examined Russian interference in the 2016 US election, the USA government's response to the meddling, and leaks of classified information.

Intelligence officials warn that Russia's 2016 active measures never stopped and to expect interference campaigns through at least the next two major cycles in the United States, as well as in elections elsewhere in the West. "Wow! A total Witch Hunt!".

Let's zero in on those differences to help us determine whether Republicans' no-collusion conclusion is based more in fact or politics. But the report does "find poor judgment and ill-considered actions" by both campaigns-Trump's for meeting with Russians and praising WikiLeaks, Clinton's for obscuring their role in the creation of the Steele dossier.

The committee's investigation began with bipartisanship but ultimately succumbed to factional squabbling.

Democrats contest findings of report citing "no evidence" of Trump-Russia collusion during 2016 campaign. They detailed how Russians used fake identities to get Trump campaign staffers in Florida to stage a rally that featured Hillary Clinton in a cage, as well as other pro-Trump rallies. The summary also said that the committee agreed with a number of the intelligence community's prior judgments on the matter, "except with respect to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin's supposed preference for candidate Trump".

Compiled by the committee's Republican-majority contingent, the report described Trump's associates as having several "ill advised" Russian contacts, however.

Meantime, while Democrats may be praying the Mueller probe produces more fruit than the House investigation came up with- they'll have a new House Chaplin to lead that prayer.

House Intelligence Committee Republicans, in their newly released report concluding their Russian Federation investigation, seemed to back up reports that FBI agents did not think ex-White House national security adviser Michael Flynn lied to them - despite his eventual guilty plea for making false statements. The report says committee staff found "intelligence failings" that undermine that assessment by the FBI, CIA and NSA, though specifics are not detailed and some portions of that section are redacted. In his absence, Conaway took over the probe.

In a statement, Conaway said he was "extremely disappointed with the overzealous redactions" made by the intelligence agencies.

"I will continue to challenge the IC's many unnecessary redactions with the hopes of releasing more of the report in the coming months".

"I was very honored by the report", President Trump said from the White House. The panel also recommended the executive branch "crack down" on leaks by conducting polygraphs.