Venom: See 58 images from the full trailer

Posted April 25, 2018

Tom Hardy plays the character of Eddie Brock who is a journalist by profession and confronts with Riz Ahmed's character about the experiments he is performing.

Venom follows reporter Eddie Brock as he investigates the Life Foundation, but when he is bonded with an alien symbiote he has to control and work with his new monstrous alter-ego.

It's been a long time coming, but Tom Hardy and Marvel fans have this week finally got their first glimpse of the actor in the terrifying role of Venom.

On Tuesday, Sony Pictures released another trailer for their upcoming superhero flick, Venom, starring Tom Hardy.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Hardy told the audience at CinemaCon that he was excited to be involved in the film, which also stars actress Michelle Williams. "He's one of my favorite characters as well". In an interview with MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz, Venom producer Matthew Tolmach praised Hardy's acting.

When it comes to Venom's overall look, both versions are similar in terms of being bulky, black and, well, gooey - all traits that faithfully reflect the comic version. The Symbiote was originally introduced as a living alien costume in The Amazing Spider-Man #252 (May 1984) with a full first appearance as Venom in The Amazing Spider-Man #300 (May 1988).

The movie is expected to release on October 5.

"The way I see it, we can do whatever we want". Cue snippets of several action sequences, which end with Brock transforming into the character as people know it looks.

Since Sony and Marvel made a deal that would allow Spider-Man to join the MCU, the rest of Sony's Spider-adjacent properties have become a little more complicated. In the comics, Venom is sometimes a hero as he only truly has hatred for Peter Parker and Spider-Man for ditching him.