Execution of Walter Moody for 1989 mail-bomb slaying to proceed

Posted April 22, 2018

Walter Moody was put to death by lethal injection at the William C. Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore and gave no final statement, prison officials said.

The previous record holder for oldest inmate to be put to death in modern times was set by John Nixon, a 77-year-old MS man who was convicted of murdering a woman in 1985.

For more than 20 years he has been behind the bars.

In last-hour appeals, Moody's attorneys had asked the US Supreme Court to stay his execution in order to review whether his federal sentence, which was handed down first, could be interrupted. Moody is the eighth person to be executed this year in the United States. Alabama halted an execution last month after workers couldn't find a usable vein on a 61-year-old inmate. "Justice has been served".

In December 1989, Moody mailed a parcel with a bomb - a steel pipe, smokeless powder and 80 finishing nails - to the suburban Birmingham, Alabama home of Robert Vance Sr, who had only considered Moody's appeal when it was before the full court.

Moody was pronounced dead at 8:42. His attorneys argued in court filings and a clemency petition to Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey that his age and vein condition would make lethal injection more hard.

Alabama state attorneys had argued that the federal government had agreed to the transfer. The 83-year-old Moody was convicted first in federal court and sentenced to seven life sentences plus 400 years.

On January 25, another Alabama death row inmate, Vernon Madison, was granted a stay of execution just 30 minutes before his scheduled execution, when the US Supreme Court granted a temporary stay of execution.

Earlier, Moody's lawyer had unsuccessfully asked the Alabama Supreme Court to block the lethal injection arguing that an emergency medical technician who assessed Moody on Wednesday told the inmate he had "spider veins" and seemed concerned. According to DPIC, Alabama has carried out 63 of the 1,473 executions in the USA since 1976.

Corrections Commissioner Jeff Dunn said Moody was not given any sedatives.

One way that Alabama lawmakers want to expedite the execution process is to allow the use of nitrogen gas to execute inmates.

Moody's attorneys argued that Sessions, under federal law, can not interrupt a federal sentence before its completion.

The execution is set to happen almost 30 years after Walter Leroy Moody Jr. killed a federal judge with a bomb mailed to his home.

Previously, Mississippi man John Nixon, 77, was the oldest man to be executed in the United States in modern times.

Moody was also convicted in federal court of killing a black civil rights attorney from Savannah, Georgia, and mailing a bomb to a civil rights organization.