Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode In Prototype Stage At DICE

Posted April 20, 2018

It's official, Battle Royale is the new zombies so expect the game mode to be appearing in everything, including Federation Internationale de Football Association, for the next few years.

If this happens to be true we'll hear more at this year's E3. In the case of Black Ops 4, the developers are ditching the story mode in favor of multiplayer and a Battle Royale mode. However, with the trend of battle royale being as popular as it is right, it's better to strike whilst the iron is hot and not tepid.

Call of Duty usually comes with small maps and fast-paced action.

With its large environments, high consecutive player counts, and comparative wealth of vehicular options, the "Battlefield" franchise would appear to be well placed to explore the battle royale format.

That last bit is what makes this battle royale rumor particularly interesting. And what will happen to all of them when there will be too many battle royale games around? However, it isn't easy from a development standpoint but if anyone can put it off, it is EA DICE. A modern-day Battlefield title with a battle royale mode might suffer somewhat from the presence of advanced weaponry.

For example, "Battlefield V" battle royale could arrive as part of a post-release content update, either delivered as a freebie for all players or contained within a paid expansion or season pass.

Earlier this week, Polygon reported that Activision had made a decision to eschew a traditional single-player campaign for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, to expand on the games multiplayer and Zombies, while possibly entertaining the idea of its own Battle Royale mode. Or do you think these games should stick to their strengths and not experiment with something that may not work?