Kyle Plush's death is latest incident involving 911 system riddled with issues

Posted April 14, 2018

Nick Francis, director of Experiential Learning at Seven Hills School, said in a 911 call a security guard contacted him and told him to call 911 because they found a kid in his auto.

He was inside his Honda Odyssey van, which has three rows of seats.

Either way, he recognized that the teen's death was "a horrific tragedy".

Plush joined Seven Hills in sixth grade, Hedges wrote. "Send officers immediately. I'm nearly dead".

"I'm on a regular basis at work and dealing further time...all it does [is] make us hate our job and hate the people which could be off for months..."

Plush, 16, died Tuesday after becoming trapped by a bench seat in the back of his minivan, which was parked in the school's parking lot.

The dispatcher called Plush's phone back but it went to voicemail, so she assumed it was a crank phone call. They arrived minutes later, reported not seeing anything and attempted to call Plush's phone.

Cincinnati police are conducting a full procedural and technical review of all calls their Emergency Communications Section received from the teen as well as associated 9-1-1 calls from others and dispatch recordings related to the incident.

Seven Hills School said in a statement Thursday that students and staff members are "grieving the loss of this beloved member of our school family". The Hamilton County Coroner's Office found no evidence of foul play, and Cincinnati Police say they are continuing to investigate. After a almost three minute call, the line went dead.

"Help, help, help. I'm stuck in my van outside the Seven Hills parking lot".

A 16-year-old sophomore made at least two agonizing 911 calls, pleading for help as his van's seats slowly crushed him. He again asked for help, but this time he seemed to be losing hope as he also sent a poignant message for his mother. "We weren't able to get that information to the officers on the scene and we need to find out why", he said.

This time his voice was faint but he gave key information about the type of van he was in - something he hadn't done during the first call.

Though he was able to make two 911 calls over the next several minutes, in which he described his van and general location, Kyle was killed in the freak accident. The dispatcher who took that call, identified as Amber Smith, has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation, police said.

Police investigate a scene of a death near Seven Hills School.

Kyle's own father would reportedly find his son's body hours later on Tuesday night. They were unable to revive him. "I'm stuck in my gold Honda Odyssey". The weight of the seat flipped Kyle upside down with his head facing the rear of the van.

There was a recall in 2017 for about 800,000 Honda Odyssey vans due to second-row seats accidentally tipping forward.

"Our hearts go out to the victim's family during this hard time", spokesman Chris Martin said. Honda would not have any specific information from which to definitively resolve what occurred on this incident. While we do often air 911 calls here at Fox19 Now, sometimes - when the call is too graphic or disturbing - we do not.