Body cam footage of police interaction with YouTube shooter released

Posted April 14, 2018

The woman in a pink hoodie and black yoga trousers appears to be calm and cooperative, answering questions and shaking her head slightly when police ask whether she is suicidal, or wants to hurt herself or others.

The authorities in Mountain-view introduced authorities bodycam footage on Friday that shows officers speaking to this supposed shot after locating her sleeping Within Her vehicle in a vacant Walmart parking lot over April 3 around 1:30 a.m.

Officers spoke with Aghdam, telling her that her family reported her missing.

Aghdam was reportedly angry with the YouTube because it had stopped paying her for her videos.

'In this case, they checked on the welfare of a person who, at the time, was reported missing but whose actions, demeanor, and answers did not present any information which would cause us to believe she would be a threat to herself or others, ' the chief continued. An hour later, police say Ismail Aghdam called them back and said that Nasim was upset with YouTube. About 10 hours later, Aghdam opened fire on an outdoor patio on the YouTube campus in San Bruno, wounding three before she shot and killed herself. She was reportedly offended with the company because of it had stopped paying her for her motion pictures.

The shooter, who injured three before killing herself replied: 'No'.

'Youtube filtered my channels to keep them from getting views!' she wrote on a personal website.

"Our officers followed proper procedure and protocol". She told officers she was having "issues" with her family. Officer: "Are you taking any type of medication at all?"

Police then asked Aghdam had attempted to contact her family or if her family had reached out to her. Aghdam said she left her cell phone behind in San Diego County but had bought a new one at some point.

Police did not ask her if she had a gun.

In this April 3 image from video provided by the Mountain View Police Department, Nasim Aghdam is questioned by officers after being found asleep in her vehicle.

She told police she came to Mountain View to start a new life, away from San Diego.

Mountain View police defended how they handled the situation. Shortly after, they left.

During the interaction with police, Aghdam gives no overt indication of the terror that she will inflict less than 12 hours later.

The officers told Aghdam that her father would be told she'd been found in Mountain View. The father suggested that may have been one of the reasons she was in the area.

Nasim Agdam opened fire at approximately 12.46pm on April 3, firing roughly 20 rounds from a legally purchased Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun.

Ismail Aghdam, however, did not bring up any concerns about his daughter's behavior or any potential violence she might carry out on herself or others, police said.