Newton Police, FBI search for bank robbery suspect

Posted April 12, 2018

The robbery occurred on Monday, April 9 around 12:45 the Boost Mobile store located in the 1100 block of Manhattan Boulevard.

Officers were called to Salt Lane auto park at 2.35pm today when a boy with a knife grabbed the victims bag. He then proceeded to threaten members of staff, forcing them to hand over cash before fleeing the scene. Police from multiple agencies searched on the area, and all four suspects were captured. However, three individuals did not.

During questioning of the subjects, Warrick and Cross each reportedly confessed to their part in the aforementioned incidents, not including the Pauger Street incident. The investigation also revealed a vehicle of interest associated to the robbery. Police made a traffic stop and reported that 22-year-old Terry Emerson had three handguns in his vehicle - a 10mm Glock 20, a 9mm Ruger and a 40 Cal Glock 22.

Warrick and Cross were both booked into the Orleans Parish Justice Center.

Police learned that Lucas also threw the knife he allegedly used in the robbery out of his bedroom window and was arrested and charged with armed robbery and assault by means of a risky weapon.

HARKAMAI Singh Hira, 31, of Surrey, has now been charged with one count of robbery and one count of using an imitation firearm while attempting to commit the indictable offence of robbery at a Ladner business last week.

If you can identify the suspect in the pictures or have any information regarding the robbery, contact Milwaukee Police at 414-935-7360. One of the suspects was wanted in connection with an attempted homicide.

Amid a week of spiking robbery reports, 10 additional people reported armed robberies to New Orleans police between Friday and Saturday morning.

"The man involved in the second incident is described as white, but with a tan, 5'9", stocky build with stubble and aged approximately 30.