Ways Women Earn Less Than Men

Posted April 11, 2018

California women lose a combined total of more than $84.2 billion every year to the gender wage gap.

Every year, organizers with the National Committee on Pay Equity choose a date in April to mark "National Equal Pay Day", which, in theory, represents the extra time in the year a woman would have to work to make as much as a white man did the previous year. Titled #20percentcounts, it aims to boost awareness about what it's really like for women to make, on average, 20 percent less than a man does. Researchers estimate women bring home $7,000 less than their male counterparts, enough to pay for nearly a year of child care, 48 weeks of groceries, and five months of mortgage and utilities payments. Since managers on average earn two times the salary of non-managers, this contributes significantly to the overall gender wage gap, the report found. Wyoming has the largest gap between men and women at 36 percent with NY and DE taking the top spots at 11 percent.

According to Pew Research, African American women on average earn only 66 cents and Latinas on average earn only 60 cents for every dollar earned by white, non-Hispanic men. The Woman in the Room group is inviting workers to send anonymous emails from the Woman in the Room address to their bosses, demanding action on equal pay. Latinas made 54 cents for every dollar paid to white men a year ago, according to the report. They may also only have one child, a factor that also influences how quickly a woman can close the spousal wage gap.

Some of Canada's largest banks, engineering firms, retailers and other companies pay their female British employees substantially less than their male counterparts and give out lower bonuses, according to gender pay disclosures filed in the United Kingdom. When asked who they believed would fix the pay gap, respondents to a recent survey about money commissioned by Glamour said that that, well...it was on them.

WSP's hourly wage gap was 25 per cent while its women received 55 per cent lower bonuses, while SNC-Lavalin said its wage gap was 38 per cent and the bonus gap was 67 per cent.

It's not enough to fight for paycheck fairness or to demand that companies be more transparent about what they pay men and women.

The National Partnership's study indicated that wage inequality is a top concern for women across the country. To highlight the disparity between white men's earnings and those of black women, there is a separate day specifically for black women each year called Black Women's Equal Pay Day, which was held on July 31 last year.

By now, you might be feeling a little annoyed about this, but the worst part is that it sucks way more for women of color.

Celebrities such as Catt Sadler from ENews spoke out about the pay difference between her and her co-anchor Jason Kennedy, who have both been working on the channel for the same amount of years causing Sadler to eventually quit her job on the popular network.