Liberal cruises in Wisconsin court race, and Dems see hope

Posted April 07, 2018

She drew support from former officials from Barack Obama's administration.

"They will walk through fire, much less four inches of snow, to vote for their candidates this time - that's clear", said Fraley.

Screnock himself, who was interviewed by BuzzFeed News shortly before election was called for Dallet, brushed off the idea that a win in a swing state like Wisconsin signals that the the country is in a wave - and that it was Dallet who politicized the race and made it about the rest of the country.

On Tuesday, Judge Rebecca Dallet of Milwaukee easily defeated another circuit judge, Michael Screnock, for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Dallet's win in the elections also shows that things are turning out to be in favor of the Democrats nationwide, especially in Wisconsin.

"I consider a lot of my ideas to be conservative, but I actually think we were leaning heavily too far that way", said Pfeifer. It's obvious that Democratic voters are motivated after a series of statewide losses, GOP strategist Brian Fraley said. "We really don't know whether they will shift in something like the same proportions we've seen in the specials and in the Supreme Court or whether they'll revert more back to a normal divide of the vote".

Fraley said his party needed to understand that the "honeymoon" was over after sweeping Wisconsin's elections in 2016. That's a pro-Dallet gap - if they show up Tuesday and don't wait until November. Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell says 14 percent of registered voters had cast ballots by 11 a.m., putting the county on pace for 50 percent turnout. The state Republican Party gave $300,000 to Screnock, a huge chunk of the $800,000 he raised overall.

"This certainly re-enforces the notion that in the Governor's phrase, We are seeing a blue wave building but we're not certain of how big it will be", Director of the Marquette Law School Poll, Charles Franklin said.

A spring snowstorm could be a player in Wisconsin's election day.

Voters also rejected a constitutional amendment to do away with the state treasurer position. "But there's been a year and a half of activism, getting people organized and excited before this race".

Turnout is usually around 21 percent for Wisconsin's spring election. She said she voted conservative "100 percent". Screnock was appointed judge by Republican Gov. Scott Walker in 2015 and previously worked as a private-practice attorney and local government leader.

- A Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate is refusing to condemn a television ad that alludes to a case involving child victims of sexual assaults, despite a plea from the victims' family for it to be taken off the air. On Tuesday, however, Dallet lost by less than one-half of a percentage point.

The race for a 10-year seat was nonpartisan in name only, with millions in ad spending and public endorsements from the likes of ex-Vice President Joe Biden, former Attorney General Eric Holder and the National Rifle Association.

Both candidates argued the other couldn't be trusted to serve as an independent voice on the state's highest court.