Google will reportedly launch mid-range Pixel smartphone for emerging markets

Posted April 03, 2018

The company is making an India-focused strategy to bring more products into the country and is reported to be bringing a cheaper variant of the Pixel, focused for price-sensitive markets, to India.

Google has sent out invites for a launch event on April 10 in India and the company might be launching its smart speakers- Google Home and Google Home Mini at the event. They will come out later this month and with it, a big-budget advertising campaign. Hence, the company has devised a plan to expand the distribution network in the country. Very recently, some Indian retailers took part in Google's trade meet for its future prospects in the Indian offline market. The Home speaker is coming to India almost two years after its original launch. In 2016, the Google Home was the first Assistant smart speaker announced at I/O and debuted later that fall.

India, being the world's second largest market for smartphones, appears to be a flawless choice for the launch. By the next year, we may also see the premium Pixelbook laptop retailing in India.

On a more conceptual level, Google is also looking to join the intelligent home automation market with its Nest products like a doorbell, alarm system, and smoke detector, hopefully over the next year.

According to reports, Google will strengthen its marketing for the consumer products that it plans to launch, considering the growing Indian market. Google Home and Google Home Mini will launch in India by late April.

Now it is uncertain whether the Alphabet-owned firm particularly utilizes the two devices for Indian consumers like Amazon worked when it started some of its Echo-branded providing to India last fall.

As expected, the display of the phone is a near-edge-to-edge design, with a Full View screen covering 97 percent of the front. These smart speakers also feature "Voice Match" which recognises your voice and accordingly gives you personalised information. The smart speaker can answer common queries and help manage tasks such as reminders, appointments, etc.

When it comes to hardware, Google has always been on the back seat.