Winter storm watch bringing snow to southeast Saskatchewan

Posted March 25, 2018

Areas between the Ohio Valley and central Pennsylvania had already received between 6 and 13 inches of snow as the storm system made its way into the Northeast.

The heaviest, most intense band with this storm will only be about a a county or two wide, Expect a sharp drop-off in snow amounts from the heaviest in the NRV to the lowest in the Highlands. A Bellmore woman shoveling snow died of a heart attack Thursday, authorities said, and a motorist was killed in a Wantagh State Parkway crash Wednesday.

Ryan said snow accumulation could vary across the metro, with Hudson, Wisconsin seeing a light dusting and Minnetonka seeing between 3 to 4 inches.

Most of this should be out of here by race time in Martinsville Sunday afternoon.

The Long Island Rail Road says its personnel worked through the night to clear rails of snow and ice, but riders still need to allow extra time on Thursday.

Meanwhile, a new storm is forming in the Dakotas.

Snow may mix with freezing rain along the Interstate 74 corridor, while southwestern IN should see mainly rain and possibly thunderstorms.

Major power outages are possible, especially given the hit the power grid took during the earlier March nor'easter.

Whether this snow sends an inch or foot of snow, driving will be hard. But city schools reopened Thursday, even as a few dozen schools across the area chose to declare another snow day.

The storm also cut power to than 90,000 customers from the mid-Atlantic to New England, including 87,448 in New Jersey, 3,614 in NY and 2,967 in Delaware.

The latest nor'easter is rolling into New England as millions of others in the Northeast begin to dig out.

Downtown Philadelphia got 7 inches and New York City's Central Park recorded a little less than 7.

Many residents woke up Thursday to a heavy dose of early spring reality: the big dig. Some 80,000 people in New Jersey lost power, and traffic on the upper level of the George Washington Bridge came to a standstill Wednesday night due to a jackknifed tractor-trailer and fuel spill at about 8 p.m.

Airlines canceled more than 4,000 flights Wednesday, but they lumbered back into service throughout the Northeast on Thursday.