Trump chose to sack McMaster, says report

Posted March 19, 2018

President Trump has chose to remove H.R. McMaster as his national security adviser and is actively discussing potential replacements, according to five people with knowledge of the plans, preparing to deliver yet another jolt to the senior ranks of his administration. Kelly has since said that Tillerson was on the toilet during the call. Trump is willing to take his time making the change to avoid humiliating McMaster and carefully choose a strong replacement, the Post said.

President Donald Trump's record-setting personnel turnover inspired Costa Rica-based BetDSI to begin taking bets on White House departures and it said the chances for any particular staff member remaining employed in the White House were not high.

"The President's said that it was not accurate and he had no intention of changing, that they had a great working relationship and that he looked forward to continuing to work with him", Sanders said.

Kelly also hinted that numerous rumors of cabinet members up on the chopping block, could have been spread by Trump himself, Axios reported. Reports of tumult in the administration were at such a feverish pitch - even on Trump's beloved Fox News - that the president on Thursday reflected on the latest staff departures during an Oval Office conversation with Kelly and Vice President Mike Pence.

With speculation about McMaster's future intense, Sanders on Friday gave a vote of confidence to the national security adviser, saying that she had spoken to the president the night before and that no changes were coming. He was the target of online attacks from the fringes of the right wing last summer, including for his alleged insufficient support of Israel.

"The President controls the timing here", another White House official told CNN, nodding to the fact that nothing is certain until Trump deems it to be. At the time, the State Department said he was not feeling well, the U.S. media reported.

At least one of Trump's "generals" - the collection of military advisers he used to boast about - remains largely in good standing. Kelly has also worn on the president, confidants of the president said.

Drawing from three White House sources who knew about the meeting, The Daily Beast reported Kelly's recollection of the awkward conversation between himself and Tillerson where he told the secretary of state he was about to get fired by the president.

Trump immediately hired McEntee to work for his campaign. He's CNBC contributor Larry Kudlow, who opposes taxing foreign imports, yet still says he's "in accord" with Trump's agenda.