Woman restrained after trying to open airplane cabin door during flight

Posted March 07, 2018

A video of the incident shows passengers aboard United Express Flight 5449, which was operated by SkyWest, trying to restrain the woman by tying her feet together as she is heard screaming, "I am God".

No information about the woman was released and no charges have been formally filed.

The plane landed safely at the Boise Airport about 30 minutes later, where law enforcement held the woman for questioning.

Video shared on social media Monday captured SkyWest passengers struggling to subdue a woman who tried to open a cabin door midflight, according to the airline.

A woman who tried to open airplane door in mid-flight was tackled by a fellow passenger.

On Friday, an American Airlines passenger was detained after chasing airport employees on the tarmac at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina. "The flight staff were real calm".

"She wasn't acting right, or normal, from the very beginning [of the flight]", said Scott T. Smith, a California man told the Idaho Statesmen.

Boise police spokeswoman Haley Williams says the woman is in the custody of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

The woman was filmed shouting, "I am God".

Thanks to a generous passenger, there is footage of the incident available on YouTube. "I could tell that one or both were uneasy with flying".

Police said that no one was hurt and that the FBI was investigating.

The woman was restrained until law enforcement officials arrive at the gate in Boise, according to SkyWest's statement.