Tiffany Haddish re-wore her beloved Alexander McQueen dress to the Oscars

Posted March 06, 2018

Tiffany Haddish, comedian and breakout star of the movie "Girls Trip", wowed everyone when she stepped out in an head-to-toe authentic Eritrean princess ensemble.

"Everybody will be like, 'How you got a white mama?' And I'll be like, 'I told y'all I was in the system". Haddish said to Entertainment Tonight at the annual Oscar Govoner's ball. Upon making her arrival during last night's ceremony, the actress was decked out in a traditional Eritrean gown to honour her family heritage.

MAYA RUDOLPH: Yeah. I had to take my shoes off.

RUDOLPH: Oh yeah. When they're like, "I'm sorry, you're not on the list". This dress. And don't invite me to your wedding, because I'm probably wearing this dress to that too. "My whole team told me, "Tiffany, you can not wear that dress on SNL".

"That was unbelievable", she gushed. "I have never seen myself in that way and she just took it to a whole other level". Some eagled-eyed viewers spotted that Ms. Haddish was wearing the same dress she wore to promote "Girls Trip" and to host "Saturday Night Live". "If I pay 4K for a dress, I'm wearing it at my wedding, three awards shows and you gotta bury me in it", one person said.

The 27-year-old Oscar-winning actress was spotted climbing over chairs with a glass of wine in her hand to get to her seat at the event! "This dress cost way more than my mortgage ... this is an Alexander McQueen, okay?"

With the $4,000 price tag, Haddish has said she would wear it as often as she could.

We're dead. And Tiffany knows how to achieve her dreams, as when she spotted Meryl strutting down the red carpet, she hopped over a rope to introduce herself.