Ex-Google Recruiter Sues Company For Anti-White, Anti-Asian Hiring Bias

Posted March 03, 2018

The latest lawsuit however has been filed by Arne Wilberg, who worked at Google and its YouTube unit for about nine years both as a contractor and an employee.

In his lawsuit, Wilberg said that Youtube set diversity quotas, and he was told to ignore applicants who were not female or from underrepresented racial groups (black and Latino).

Google, which has since rejected the charge, defended its efforts in creating a diverse workforce.

His manager, Allison Alogna, informed Wilberg and his colleagues that they were to "only accept" Level 3 engineers if they were diverse.

A former YouTube employee has sued Google for allegedly pressuring recruiters to only look for female, black, and Hispanic or Latinx applicants. "We have a clear policy to hire candidates based on their merit, not their identity", a spokesman said. Many have adopted policies and programs created to encourage more balanced hiring, not only to right past discrimination but for their own economic advantage: According to management consultancy McKinsey, diverse companies deliver better financial results.

"The stated objective of these policies was to achieve "Diversity" in the Google workforce and to manage public relations problems arising from the under-representation of women and certain minority groups in the Google workforce, particularly in engineering positions". Wilberg also alleged that late a year ago, management deleted emails and other digital records of diversity requirements. In one quarter, for example, recruiters were expected to hire five new employees each, and those hires had to be diversity candidates, the lawsuit claims.

Sources with knowledge of YouTube and Google's hiring practices "corroborated some of the lawsuit's allegations, including the hiring freeze of white and Asian technical employees, and YouTube's use of quotas", according to the Journal.

Google, the first major Silicon Valley tech firm to publicly disclose its diversity statistics, said in a statement it would fight the lawsuit vigorously.

Damore, however, is going ahead with the class-action lawsuit against the search giant where he is determined to prove the discrimination against white conservative men.

In his lawsuit, Wilberg, 40, also claims Google discriminated against him personally, firing him in November 2017 for his race and sex as a result of his complaints over the company's policies. Ever since, it has faced mounting pressure to improve diversity at workplace, and leave Asian and White male candidates behind. Chevalier, in the lawsuit, also talked about an HR representative, who talked with him a year ago in September about the posts and internal forums. Google is certainly facing the heat to diversify its workforce and reform its mostly white-and-Asian male workforce to constitute more women and people of color.