Drunk man takes $1600 Uber from West Virginia to New Jersey

Posted March 03, 2018

'Basically, I kinda just blacked out.

"I was just like - that's insane".

Bachman says he passed out in the van and after two hours woke up to the driver telling him they were on their way to New Jersey.

The base fare was $3.94, the booking fee was $2.35 and it cost $696.95 for distance.

"The dude who was Ubering me home picked up my phone when I was asleep and answered the Facetime call and said 'Nah, dude".

"I just woke up", Bachman told NJ.com.

And to throw some salt on his already-large wound, Bachman accidentally ordered a pricy UberXL, which can accommodate six passengers and is exceptionally more expensive than the standard UberX. He was asked why he didn't just get out of the auto.

"No, because what am I, just going to get dropped off on the side of the road?" he asked.

"It would have cost like $800 but instead it came out to $1,600", Bachman told CBS Philly.

He accused the Uber driver of using his phone and said he even had to get money to repay the driver for the tolls they had gone through along the way. It sure sounds like something Silicon Valley's Bachman might do.

Kenneth Bachman has! He's a guy who had too good a time and paid the price for it, literally!

He says he tried to challenge the fare with Uber but ended up paying it. Bachman had consumed a lot, and barely remembers calling for the auto.

Mr Bachman could not remember ordering the Uber and could not work out why a random man was driving him.

NJ.com reported Wednesday that Kenny Bachman thought he was taking an Uber to where he was staying, near the West Virginia University campus.