Super Mario Odyssey Balloon World Update Out Now

Posted February 23, 2018

Before the update had gone live, it seems that Nintendo of Australia had slipped up, accidentally revealing that its release date of February 23rd on their website. It adds new outfits and Snapshot mode filters, as well as a whole new minigame, called Luigi's Balloon World. Fast forward and a month and Nintendo has delivered on its promise, with Balloon World DLC now available to download. To start Balloon World, seek out the green-clad bro and have a nice chat with him.

These are some much-needed updates to the game, and the extra free content is a boon as well.

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Mario Odyssey is home to some truly fantastic, snappy control that allows for some really insane movement, and when combined with the open-ended worlds in the game that means there are a lot of little hidden areas where you can hide balloons, testing not only player's hunting abilities but also how good they are at controlling Mario's moves in order to find the best hidden ones. Creative use of captures is key to success! The more balloons you find, and the more other players fail to find yours, the higher you will climb in the global ranking. Upon a first visit is a set amount you can grab, and sometimes once you have completed certain story objectives - such as New Donk City's opening and the Sand and Snow Kingdoms - more will appear.

The new free DLC update for Super Mario Odyssey, announced back in January, is now out. Outfits don't have any effect on gameplay, but you happen to be a completionist, you now have a few more collectables to acquire in Super Mario Odyssey. The update has added a new mini-game, two snapshot filters, and three outfits as promised.