Ryan Coogler pens emotional letter to 'Black Panther' fans

Posted February 23, 2018

Specifically, when will you be able to stream Black Panther on Netflix? Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa/Black Panther is the brother of "melanined" Princess Shuri, played by the hilarious Letitia Wright.

She's aware of the film, like everyone else in the world, but didn't know it's largely set in a secretive African nation that's also the most technologically advanced place on Earth. The film took in $426.6 million worldwide in just four days and has quickly become a cultural phenomenon.

Moreover, I'm starting to think-domestically at least-Black Panther is going to outgross the May sequel Avengers: Infinity War. Wakanda is the true representation of an African paradise.

Though Marvel Studios, after 17 films and a decade in the business understand what makes a superhero film work, the response to Black Panther is stronger than the studio anticipated. Beneath Wakanda's disguise as a mild-mannered Third World country lies a magnificent world of the future, with a near-magical technology beyond anything known to humankind, thanks to its monopoly of the miracle metal Vibranium. We don't have to have another blueprint from another community, that we can do it on our own, in our own way. The mid-range budget film has been dying a quiet death over the past decade, and with it have disappeared numerous romantic comedies and character-driven movies that let black people simply exist onscreen. And while the lion's share of credit goes to writer and director Ryan Coogler for finding the flawless balance of humor, he did have some help in the that department-as it turns out, Coogler turned to Donald Glover to take a pass at the some of the script's more comical scenes.

Check out Black Panther in theaters now. It doesn't seem too big of a stretch to imagine it overtaking that total. Rarely do mass audiences enjoy a movie that takes place nearly entirely in Africa, and even more rarely is the Africa that we see depicted as stunningly attractive. But all of a sudden when a film with a Black director and majority Black casts shatters box office records while receiving nearly universal positive praise all of sudden they're front and center. Black Panther did what it was supposed to. There have been plenty of gay themed films what included no Black people.