"Don't Test Israel", Benjamin Netanyahu Tells Iran, Showing Drone Piece

Posted February 19, 2018

During Netanyahu's address, the Israeli prime minister brandished what he said was a piece of an Iranian drone shot down by Israel over its territory earlier this month.

"Mr. Assad understands if he invites Iran in he obviously is challenging us to a different position than the one we have", said Netanyahu, warning a wider conflict looms. "The war to prevent war is getting late - but it's not too late". He pointed out that the agreement was similar to the infamous 1938 "Munich Agreement" that Western powers signed with Adolf Hitler in an attempt to stave off war in Europe, shortly before World War II broke out.

Addressing the Munich event for the first time, Netanyahu urged gathered U.S. and European officials and diplomats to counter Iran immediately, displaying a map showing what he said was Iran's growing presence in the Middle East. As is also common, Iran focused its discourse. "But we also see Japan, South Korea and Germany".

If the United States abandons the current nuclear deal it's unlikely Iran would consider a new one, Kerry said. "We believe the era of hegemony is long past". "As far as we're concerned, Hamas is responsible and we responded accordingly". The investor is Shaul Elovitch, an Israeli media tycoon, who has been described by the prime minister as a friend. While the US called on China to use its influence to pressure North Korea to give up its nuclear program, the Chinese delegation in Munich said it was doing all it can.

Iran mocked Netanyahu's tough words, saying Israel's reputation for "invincibility" had crumbled after one of its jets was shot down following a bombing run in Syria.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today offered his condolences over the 66 people killed in an Iranian plane crash, just moments after he launched a blistering attack on Tehran's government.

But he says "we will defend ourselves" and that "we are for peace, yet we will not stand for any threat and we will not accept any aggression".

France, Britain, Germany, Russia and China, which signed the nuclear deal along with Iran and the USA, say the accord can not be renegotiated, that it is working and that Iran is allowing inspections. "I would not have imagined in my lifetime - this is not what they call a spin", Netanyahu said, during a question and answer session after his speech.