Alexis Sánchez punished for tax evasion in Spain

Posted February 08, 2018

Spanish law states that the 29-year-old will not have to spend any time in jail and he has agreed to pay the money he owes with interestAlexis Sanchez has accepted a 16-month prison sentence for committing tax fraud during his time at Barcelona, although he will not spend time in jail.

In Spain, just sentences over two years are met with genuine correctional facility time in spite of the fact that Sanchez will be imprisoned on the off chance that he carries out a comparative wrongdoing inside the following two years.

As reported by Spanish news agency EFE, Sanchez's punishment relates to concealing income from image rights between 2012 and 2013.

Argentinian Felicevich, who brokered Sanchez's controversial move from Arsenal last month, said in a lengthy statement: "Today the Spanish Tax Agency has once again leaked details of an agreement between our representative Alexis Sanchez and Spanish prosecutors".

He labelled the deal unjust, claiming some foreigners were being exposed to "media and political pressure".

Alexis Sanchez playing for his old club Arsenal.

"Spanish prosecutors and its Treasury Department have placed more than 30 professional footballers in the same situation, accusing them of the same crimes and threatening them with prison sentences".

"Despite having demonstrated that Alexis has committed no crime, we have been obliged, following the recommendations of our [legal] advisers, to accept the unjustified pact offered in order to palliate the emotional, personal and economic cost of long, tedious, trials where the media are used to publicly expose and judge private matters". In some cases, there is no choice but to bow to that pressure and, to avoid greater injustice, accept injustice like this.

Felicevich pointed out that the accused are "of course nearly all foreigners" and that, in this case, Sanchez's team had come to the conclusion that "it is better to accept an unfair agreement".