A response to Nicole Eggert's accusations against me

Posted January 31, 2018

"I had never experienced anything like that before either". So he was playing on not only my emotions but my hormones. Baio also brought up the fact that Eggert previously made claims against him in 2012. You will be out of a job, you will ruin everybody's life'. "It's intimidating, especially when you're that young".

Eggert also mentioned that three people are backing up her claims that something improper happened with Baio.

Eggert also claimed that there was "groping, a lot of fondling, a lot of pulling me on his lap, trying to sneak kisses on the back" on set, that others witnessed. Eggert alleges that an inappropriate relationship started between the two when she was 14, but Baio is denying the claims, calling them "100% lies".

She shared that the molestation continued every week up until she was 17 - when the two had intercourse for the first time.

In statements before Eggert's interview aired, Baio said he and Eggert had a consensual relationship when she was over 18 years old.

Actress Nicole Eggert made her sexual assault accusations against Scott Baio on Twitter after an interview she did on Dr. Oz was shelved.

"I wasn't ready to tell my story", she said. "This is the truth". "It's scary", Eggert said. Eggert indicated to Kelly that she very well might. "There was a lot of manipulation that went into it". It wasn't a "Hold me down, rape me" situation. "But I was 17".

She addressed tape played by Baio in which she said she wanted to lose her virginity.

When Nicole started tweeting about this again late past year, shortly after the major stories broke about sexual harassment in entertainment, my attorneys sent her and Alex Polinsky a letter advising and requesting that they take their allegations to law enforcement for a full investigation.

While both Baio and Eggert admit they had sex at some point, Eggert insists she was underage at the time while Baio has asserted that Eggert was at least 18 years old and has said her allegations are "provably wrong".

"There are a lot of weird, unusual rumors about things that went on between us, but we became really good friends and everything is way more innocent than it was made out to be", Eggert told Yahoo then. "And then he started expressing his love for me, and talking about marriage and the future", Eggert told Kelly while tearing up. "You know, that was my delusion, and that was my cover up always". "When I worked on Charles in Charge in '88, I sat with you while you cried about that abusive asshole".

Another issue, she told Kelly, was that Baio was the boss on set.

Baio, meanwhile, said that if Eggert really believes the incident happened, then she should file a police report and not try to hurt him on social media.