Israeli chief says he expects Polish WWII invoice to be mounted

Posted January 30, 2018

The Law and Justice (PiS) party in power also strives to glorify Poles who risked their lives to save Jews during World War II, and makes it a priority to fight against the propagation of historical accounts that it sees as false and harmful.

"The word "resurrection, ' which has strong Christian connotations in English, is also a legitimate translation of the Hebrew word tekuma, which also can be translated as 'rebirth, ' 'recovery" or 'revival.' It is frequently used to describe the establishment of the State of Israel following the Holocaust in the phrase 'Shoah v'tekuma,'" Haaretz corespondent Allison Kaplan Sommer pointed out.

Schudrich, who co-signed a letter criticizing Trump's July appearance, does not believe the government led by Polish President Andrzej Duda is anti-Semitic but said officials have been reticent in condemning prejudice among Duda's supporters until recently.

Netanyahu's government generally has had good relations with Poland, which has been recently voting with Israel in global organizations.

The bill has sparked outrage in Israel, which declared independence in the wake of the Holocaust and is home to the world's largest community of Holocaust survivors.

"During the week, the ambassador and her staff will hold contacts on this issue with the entire Polish leadership, including the prime minister, the president and the Senate", Netanyahu added.

The Polish government said that the legislation aimed to prevent Poles being blamed for Nazi atrocities. "They must be examined and revealed". These scholars have demonstrated that local participation in the torment, despoliation, and destruction of Jews was not a marginal phenomenon, and that many Poles and other Europeans saw the removal of their Jewish neighbors as a beneficial byproduct of an otherwise grievous occupation.

The measure is meant to apply to both Polish citizens and foreigners.

Israeli leaders were sharply critical of a new Polish law that bans phrases such as "Polish death camps".

In a statement, Lapid said he is ready to bring proof of Polish involvement if the law is passed. While some Polish civilians participated in the murder of Jews or turned them over to Nazis to avoid being executed for hiding them, others resisted. We live with the consequences every day in our collective memory. "Your embassy should offer an immediate apology", Lapid responded.

To which the embassy retorted: "Shameless".

Israel has summoned Poland's charge d'affaires to the foreign ministry on Sunday, the ministry said.

A turning point was the publication in 2000 of a book, "Neighbours", by Polish-American sociologist Jan Tomasz Gross, which explored the murder of Jews by their Polish neighbours in the village of Jedwabne.

Friday's vote prompted a rebuke by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who equated the bill with Holocaust denial and who phoned Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki to complain. About 140,000 Poles were imprisoned there, and nearly half of them died.

Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki reacted via Twitter on Sunday with a metaphor referring to the fate of his country's Jewish and non-Jewish citizens during the war.

January 27th marks the 73rd anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz - Birkenau concentration camps in then Nazi-occupied Poland, and while it was designated by the United Nations as a day of remembrance, the main Holocaust Memorial Day is in April marking the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.