Land Rover announces ultra luxury two-door Range Rover SV Coupé

Posted January 25, 2018

"In launching the new Range Rover SV Coupé, we will offer clients an alluring combination of peerless luxury and rarity", said John Edwards, Land Rover Special Operations Managing Director".

Land Rover has revealed it is building a two-door version of its Range Rover SUV that will be limited to just 999 examples. With a full-length center console, the SV Coupe is a strict four-seater, and many of its finishes and upholstery seem bespoke to the vehicle. The transmission tunnel is finished in attractive wood, while the distinction between the front and rear seats has been made clear with some clever colouring on the seats.

The two-door truck promises to be an exercise in contradiction, somehow both a coupe and an SUV, with styling both modern and contemporary while also a throwback to the first Range Rovers of 1970.

Right now, though, we'll have to take Jaguar Land Rover's word for it that the exterior is sufficiently striking to make those promises accurate. At the interior, the manufacturer opted for different colors for the front and back seats, just as seen in the official image released today. As such, it will be hand-assembled at the SV Technical Centre in Ryton-on-Dunsmore in the United Kingdom. The below is the regular Range Rover, but most of the change will be visible from the side silhouette, according to those who've seen the auto.

It will pay homage to the original Range Rover in the company's 70th anniversary year.

In a statement, Land Rover's head of design, Gerry McGovern, said the Range Rover would have "peerless refinement and breathtaking exterior proportions".

Apart from the cabin, Land Rover has not revealed any other information on the Range Rover SV Coupe.