Bud Light Promises Philly Free Beer if Eagles Win Super Bowl

Posted January 24, 2018

With a little nudge from Eagles defensive end Chris Long and right tackle Lane Johnson, the National Football League will donate 100 percent of its proceeds from their underdog T-shirts to fund Philadelphia School District, according to CBS3's Joe Holden.

Well, it's January 2018, and the Eagles are one win away from soaking the city of Philadelphia in free Bud Light... at least assuming Bud Light holds up its end of the bargain, which it promises it will.

Eagles Chris Long and Lane Johnson are preparing to take on the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, but first they're going head-to-head with the NFL's merchandise team.

Well, Bud Light got wind of this and stepped in, tweeting "the party is on us" if the Eagles win it all.

The Eagles now are massive underdogs entering Super Bowl LII, but many didn't expect them to get out of the NFC bracket and yet here they are. Bud Light's ads featuring a medieval king, queen and their subjects raising their beers in an enthusiastic toast have been all over television for the past six months.

Johnson said last week that he's raised more than $100,000 for the cause.

And while many expected Bud Light to squirm out of the deal, that doesn't appear to be the case.

If you thought Philadelphia partied hard when the Eagles beat the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, you haven't seen anything yet.

Well, even in a Yuengling, Yards, Troegs, Victory, etc. town like Philly, the support of a fictional king can't hurt.