Meghan Markle's sister speaks out against Prince Harry

Posted January 19, 2018

"There's always that family part of Christmas [where] there's always that work element there as well", he said, "and I think together we had an fantastic time".

Meghan Markle's half-sister has responded to comments made by Prince Harry during a BBC Radio 4 interview, in which he described Markle's future royal relatives as the family she's "never had". "No look, she's done an absolutely incredible job".

A source told The Sun that Markle "fit the role of a Bond girl perfectly" because "she's glamorous and sexy and a good actress".

Having a large extended family is a blessing, and even though Samantha seems a bit bitter about the comments surrounding her sister, she seems to understand that.

- Samantha Markle (@SamanthaMGrant) December 27, 2017Meg's family (our family) is complete with sister, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, and the glue of our family, our incredible completely self-sacrificing father.

Grant went on to write how Meghan always had a family and that "marrying merely extends it".

Samantha then tweeted within the same thread that everyone should read her upcoming book "for all the fun details".

'She has a large family. She always did. Our dad is incredible and completely self sacrificing.

Ms Markle has two half-siblings - Samantha Markle and Thomas Markle Junior - from her father's first marriage to Rosyln Markle. "How fun it was!" And I think together we had an incredible time staying with my brother and sister-in-law.

Meghan Markle's mother, Doria Regland, divorced from Thomas Markle when the "Suits" actress was six years old.

Meghan is reportedly close to both her parents, who divorced when she was young, and they have said they are delighted with the engagement. "She always did", Samantha tweeted.

The two couples attended the church service as is tradition with the rest of the royal family, although Prince George and Princess Charlotte were absent from the annual festive service.

"Together we had an incredible time", Harry continued.

But Harry is devoted to his new bride and "respects" her views on hunting.

As soon as it became apparent that Markle was dating Prince Harry, producers realised that the role would not be feasible. She's getting in there.