New Google app feature will allow users to match selfies with artwork

Posted January 16, 2018

After Prisma, Google wants to make you feel proud of your skills by matching your self-portraits to old paintings with the use of artificial intelligence.

The Google Arts and Culture app is over two years old, but it's suddenly taken the smartphone world by storm, thanks to the discovery of a quietly added update - a selfie feature. It doesn't allow you to upload a previous-taken selfie yet, so for now you must take one through the app. Google will automatically show you which famous artwork you resemble. However, none of my results returned with a higher than a 45 percent match. After that's done, you're matched with several paintings, in a variety of artistic styles, that have an essence of your looks. Users can then choose to share their results through any social media channel, text, or email. And finding their Renaissance-era doppelganger?

Of all the mobile Google apps out there, "Arts & Culture" had undoubtedly been among the software giant's lesser-known apps. Prima, a photo-editing app, shot to fame for turning images into paintings, complete with strokes of an artist's brush.

Google's Arts and Culture app is now making waves on the internet and trending heavily in the app store- yesterday claiming the #1 spot in the App Store for the United States. Other than the face-matching feature, Google's arts and culture app offers a range of other features, such as the ability to look for other events and locations nearby or explore artefacts using virtual reality. The initiative today incorporates work from over thousands of museums from across 70 countries. Google Street View is one of the projects under the initiative.