Balloon World Competitive Mini-Game

Posted January 12, 2018

Thankfully, the damage has been minorly mitigated with the announcement in this morning's Nintendo Direct that Luigi will officially be entering Super Mario Odyssey as part of the game's first free DLC.

Once the free update has been downloaded and players have completed the main story, Balloon World will become available. The second mode is Find It, where players will attempt to find balloons hidden by other players. Why not drop them on the new outfits coming to the game?

In addition to these new online modes, Super Mario Odyssey will add a few new updates to expand the usage of the game's features. Hide It mode will give the player 30 seconds to hide a balloon within a stage.

By finding more and more balloons, you'll increase a unique set of stats and move up in the rankings.

Not only that but new SnapShot tools will be added as well as new outfits, including one based on Super Mario Sunshine's shades and shirt combo. Beyond bragging rights, you can earn a tidy sum of coins by performing well in Luigi's Balloon Land. Let us know what you think in the comments.