Global flights to JFK airport reduced amid backlog

Posted January 07, 2018

In a statement, Port Authority said it is "working diligently with the FAA, airlines, and individual terminal operators to limit the arrival of flights into JFK Airport, until there are adequate gates available to handle the backlog of flights due to recovery of flight schedules in the wake of Thursday's storm".

The plane, carrying 325 passengers, was on its way to New York's JFK airport before it was diverted to Stewart Airport in Orange County.

Also on Saturday at JFK Airport, officials said a China Southern Airlines Boeing 777 touched the tail of a Kuwait Airways plane around 12:20 a.m. while the China Southern plane was being towed to a taxiway.

No passenger was on board the China Southern plane at the time of the collision, reported the local media.

Late Friday, a passenger with the Twitter name thechrismendez said: "Been stuck on tarmac for over 3 hours at JFK Alitalia flight 8604".

Juan Cuellar was in the airport five hours before he finally left. The airline said it was working with authorities in NY to investigate.

Some frustrated passengers took to social media to share stories of spending hours on the runway.

Gates that handle global flights reached capacity, causing some planes to be held on the tarmac before terminal gates would be available.

The agency added that they ramped up staffing and begun utilizing shuttle buses "to bring passengers experiencing delays back to the terminals".

Passengers complained of lengthy waits on planes and in the terminal since Friday afternoon. "Our flight was just one of many that landed, but without a gate assigned". "@NYGovCuomo" said another passenger.

"This is illegal", he tweeted. At midnight, it posted a screen shot of ground traffic at the airport showing what appear to be several dozen planes sitting in apparent waits for gates. "Unfortunately for passengers at JFK tonight, they have plenty of company", the service tweeted.

But the airline said it would not be responsible for arrangements or transportation to/from an alternative airport or hotel or overnight expenses caused by the bad weather. The delays are affecting both arriving and departing flights. One traveler even posted a video of a fellow passenger playing violin at their gate to pass the time.