Capcom will release Mega Man 11 in 2018

Posted December 05, 2017

In addition to Mega Man 11 coming next year, the company announced a collection of the Mega Man X games, which is also coming to current platforms in 2018.

Capcom celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Mega Man franchise with a livestream that featured a plethora of news regarding the longtime series.

Other than the fresh look, Mega Man 11 appears to take after its predecessors, with power-ups to collect, bosses to fight and risky levels to traverse.

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In any case, Mega Man 11 is going to look quite a bit different than games fans are used to. Here's hoping that just like other such projects, the team understands the franchise and makes sure they show it the right reverence when bringing it to the latest generation of devices.

Alongside this news, Capcom also revealed that the Mega Man X series would be coming to modern consoles and PC as well. It's a great opportunity to play all the classic titles from Mega Man 1-10 in preparation for Mega Man 11. It's a style that's likely to be divisive among fans, but you can form your own opinions by watching its announcement trailer above. These games will now include a Rewind feature that will allow players to go back and correct past mistakes. "We'll have more information for you in the summer of 2018, so let's continue to celebrate the 30th anniversary and look toward the future".