Bigg Boss 11 December 3 Weekend Ka Vaar live updates

Posted December 04, 2017

Shilpa Shinde brings tea for Vikas Gupta.

The two friends also fight it out for the captaincy. And after a long break it is decided that Puneesh and Bandagi will face the jail this time. It's been a while since they got a chance to enjoy themselves, so nobody actually complained about the trendy numbers and a little dancing. Bandagi will also lash out at Arshi for involving her in all those situations where it was not required, and goes on to say that Arshi and Aakash are the two peas in the pod. She has been much mellowed now then before.

First, let us tell you who won the DJ task. Katrina Kaif cheers up the contestants The guys in the house have to complete various tasks to impress celebrity guest Katrina Kaif after she enters the house. Hiten blushes and tells her that she can continue doing her "kaand" with Priyank Sharma and not him.

This is his second stint as the captain. The captain is immune of the nominations which means he can't be evicted from the house unless there are special circumstances.

Now that's one thing very few people have, and most importantly having an unapologetic attitude does not suit everybody after all (Ahem Ahem, Hina, Ahem). An emotionally weak Hina will be easier to tackle.

Bandgi asks Puneesh to justify his actions as he did it without her permission.

Tonight on Sunday the another "Weekend Ka Vaar" segment is all set to air on the Bigg Boss Season 11 episode which is going to be an entertaining episode anyway! Three contestants - Luv Tyagi, Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi were nominated this week for elimination. However, it's very hard to predict who will stay in the house after this weekend.

This week of Bigg Boss 11 was full of intense fights.