Graduate students stage walkouts to protest GOP tax plan

Posted December 01, 2017

In its letter, the ACE noted that these provisions would make higher education less accessible for low- and middle-income students.

The House version of the tax plan wants to nix certain tax credits, like the student loan interest deduction, but it does include some tax breaks, including an increase in the standard deduction.

"I think the kind of position of the Republican lawmakers right now is that people just don't care enough about graduate students to be actively fighting this, and they think they can kind of slip this under the rug and it's just free money to take", she said.

"I appreciate President Trump's leadership on tax reform and am thrilled to see the House pass this important legislation today", Rogers said.

Sam Kohn, a campus graduate student in physics, announced to the crowd the phone numbers for the offices of U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, encouraging demonstrators to call for the Senate to stop normal business until the Republican tax bill is "dead".

When I worked at NASA, the building I worked in looked like the United Nations - people from all over the world working to advance the goals of NASA and the USA government.

"The bill is about more than graduate students", said Julie Skarha GS, the first of the event's 12 speakers. On Nov. 27, Paxson denounced the bill in a community-wide email. The House bill would eliminate that deduction. He says it could "have the unintended effect of driving graduate students out of the United States and toward colleges and universities in Canada, Europe, and around the rest of the world".

For young working mothers like Cheyenne Finkbeiner, 22, who attended the rally with her baby, dreams of pursuing higher education may become much more unlikely. Chris Simmons, associate vice president for government relations, has been in regular touch with political leaders and their staff members. "They need to be calling Sens". Does the tax plan increase economic efficiency and reduce inequality? "And I've been very pleased at how they've been stepping up".

Graduate students are at the forefront of research and academic advancement in research institutions. The results include a strong social media campaign and national petition.

In addition to taxing tuition waivers, the bill also targets $5,250 of tax-free income faculty, undergraduates and graduate students receive.

"The university as a whole, I don't think has come out and said 'this is not a good thing.' The fact there's not that much support as of yet for graduate students in this tax situation is really disconcerting for me", Wiebe said. The Senate's version of the bill - which does not now include the provision reclassifying tuition waivers - was approved Tuesday by the Senate Budget Committee, which is chaired by Sen.

How would the proposed tax changes in Congress affect you?

The pupils have said that it is not possible for them to continue their studies with such high dues that are being charged by the university.

One of the most foolish parts of the tax bill now being debated in Congress is a large, new tax on graduate school. "Increasing taxes on people who are paying for college is not a great policy to support".

Those waivers were split fairly evenly across the system, with 178 employees at Bloomsburg using the benefit; 165 at California University of Pennsylvania; 34 at Cheney University; 135 at Clarion University; 126 at East Stroudsburg University; 206 at Edinboro University; 387 at Indiana University of Pennsylvania; 111 at Kutztown University; 113 at Lock Haven University; 89 at Mansfield University; 151 at Millersville University; 155 at Shippensburg University; 171 at Slippery Rock University; and 236 at West Chester University. If passed, both would have significant repercussions for the university's finances that would trickle down to financial aid and athletic scholarships. It aims to support higher education and show how vital grad students are to society.

UC Berkeley graduate students turned out in force at Cal on Wednesday to protest a proposed student tax hike they say could prevent non-wealthy students from pursuing graduate degrees.