'Lady Bird' Becomes the Best-Reviewed Movie of All-Time on Rotten Tomatoes

Posted November 30, 2017

Rotten Tomatoes announced the new record, saying: "Toy Story 2 originally made the record with 163 Fresh reviews, and today, Lady Bird. sets the new standard with 164 Fresh reviews (and counting)". In other words, it is still possible that a rogue reviewer could tarnish Lady Bird's ideal score, though the huge number of positive reviews the film has already compiled would still easily make it one of 2017's best-reviewed movies.

Lady Bird has just done something that's never been done before. Although small indies can tend to hold on to 100% "Fresh" ratings, it's a monumental task for a wide-release film.

Gerwig's directorial debut is the most popular film on the movie review site and has garnered a 100 percent rating since its release on November 3.

There's an elite club of movies on Rotten Tomatoes that have earned a rating of 100 percent on the Tomatometer, indicating universal acclaim from critics. Walt Disney's Thor: Ragnarok actually has 277 "Fresh" reviews this year, along with 24 "Rotten" reviews, for an overall score of 92%, while fellow indie film The Big Sick received 233 positive reviews, and a score of 98%, earlier this year. For perspective, Citizen Kane, a film often mentioned in Greatest of All Time lists, is also at 100%, but with only 75 reviews.

Whether that influence can be used for good is another question. With this new Rotten Tomatoes record, the path forward for studio A24 (who won Best Picture a year ago with Moonlight) is pretty clear, and I wouldn't be surprised if Lady Bird ended up with nominations for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress (Saoirse Ronan), Best Supporting Actress (Laurie Metcalf), and Best Original Screenplay. Either way, use this as an excuse to go see Lady Bird immediately.