Facebook wants your nude photos - but it's for a good reason

Posted November 09, 2017

"[Facebook] thought of many different ways about doing this and they came to the conclusion as one of the major technology companies in the world that this was the safest way for users to share the digital footprints", Ms Inman Grant said. They will then tell you to send the nudes to yourself on Facebook, and will let Facebook know you've done this.

As part of a new feature, users in Australia are being asked to upload explicit photos of themselves before they send them to anyone else.

Revenge porn in becoming an increasing problem but Facebook are doing all they can to stamp it out.

ABC News reports that the system is being trialled in Australia and three other countries.

The social media company is right now testing the new strategy in Australia where it is working in collaboration with the office of the e-Safety Commissioner to device methods so that revenge porn can be dealt with.

Others, however, have expressed serious concerns about the amount of trust the system requires users to put in Facebook. One Marine in the Facebook group suggested under a photo of a women that the person who took the picture should "take her out back and pound her out", according to a report from the Center for Investigative Journalism. It was even the topic of a Netflix documentary titled, "Revenge Porn".

This has led some security experts to warn that more needs to be done to combat revenge porn, particularly in terms of education.

Facebook has finally found a way to protect users from having their nudes leaked and disseminated over the social network without their consent, but it's a little unorthodox.

However, just because something hasn't been stored on disk or on a server doesn't mean that it is inaccessible, Carhart says.

Facebook is partnering with a small Australian Government agency to prevent sexual or intimate images being shared without the subject's consent. Facebook then builds a "hash" of the image, meaning it creates a unique fingerprint for the file.

While it trains the algorithm, Facebook will assign a human Community Operations Analyst, who will be responsible for accessing, hashing and protecting images, to every case the commissioner hands over.

Facebook is cracking down on revenge porn on all its apps and websites.