Amazon Wants The 'Key' To Your House

Posted Октября 27, 2017

The courier will then have to swipe their phone's screen to unlock the door, deliver the package, and finally relock the door with another swipe.

When a driver requests access to the customer's home, the Cloud Cam confirms the driver is at the right address through an encrypted authentication process. "We are thrilled to be teaming up with Amazon so that their customers in need of professional home cleaning services can take advantage of this innovative, convenient and secure service". And, for added peace of mind, in-home delivery is backed by Amazon's Happiness Guarantee. The resident should be able to watch each delivery as it takes place in their home, theoretically preventing an opportunistic delivery person from making off with their TV and Xbox.

How does Amazon Key work? Launch is scheduled for November 8, but we are confident that Amazon Key will continually evolve as time passes. The Cloud Cam is an extra layer of security, starting to record and capture any nefarious activity once the in-home delivery is approved by Amazon.

Amazon Key is the latest innovation out of Jeff Bezos's technology empire, and it works in tandem with the recently released Cloud Cam, and a compatible smart lock, reported The Verge.

For now, you can use it for Amazon product deliveries as well as services from its Home Services division. Or, more insidiously, if there was a security issue with your smart lock, allowing anyone access into your home.

Amazon key - shifting my anxiety over stolen packages on my doorstep to strangers hiding in my closet.

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Although he acknowledges the potential security risks of a service like Amazon Key, Mortimer believes the offering overall has a "strong value proposition" and removes much of the risks associated with home delivery. The Key app is created to make it simple for you to grant access to trusted friends and family.

But buying those components - the Amazon Cloud Cam and Amazon Key-compatible smart lock - could be a bit pricey.

When actual deliveries are made, couriers are instructed to open the door far enough to slide packages in and not enter the home if possible.

"This is not an experiment for us", said Peter Larsen, Amazon vice president of delivery technology. "I'm just not sure this is the one people are ready for yet".

At the moment it is exclusively available for Prime Members, but would you use Amazon Key? Customers' packages will be dropped inside not left out on the porch or front door. Any time someone does use the app, the camera will start up and start recording - sending you a real-time feed of the delivery in progress. Amazon will notify you just before the delivery, then authorise the delivery, and unlock your door.

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