Al Franken Tears Into Jeff Sessions Over Shifting Narratives on Russia Meetings

Posted October 22, 2017

Speaking before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Mr Sessions it was "the first time I'm aware of" in which an FBI director had performed the traditional role of Justice Department prosecutors by announcing the conclusion of a federal investigation. Sessions added after a pause, appearing to egg Leahy on in his line of questioning, before finally answering, "No". But Sessions said the errors of Comey's handling of the Clinton email case can't be overstated.

But on 28 October, Mr Comey sent a letter to congressional leaders saying the FBI would resume the investigation after finding additional emails.

"That kind of legal discussion I believe would be a part of the work product of the Attorney General's Office and I should not reveal it", Sessions insisted.

Trump regularly denigrated Mr. Sessions in an apparent effort to get him to step aside so he could appoint a new attorney general who would not be recused from matters related to the 2016 election and could seize control of Mr. Mueller's investigation.

But asked whether Trump had ever voiced concerns about a "cloud" over the Russian Federation investigation to Sessions - or what, in particular, Trump's concerns about Comey were - Sessions claimed the content of his conversations with the president was confidential.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder, whose tenure was embroiled in controversy, had some strong words this week for the Trump administration's position on key issues involving the criminal justice system.

During a Senate hearing Wednesday, Sen.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he has not been questioned by special counsel Robert Mueller's team of investigators.

Ultimately, without Sessions or Rosenstein being willing to talk about what Trump said to them about Comey before they wrote their letters, the public will never know exactly why Trump fired Comey.

"You can make determinations about where an investigation is likely to go before you actually speak to the subject of that investigation", Mr. Holder told the host of "The Lead".

Franken later expressed bewilderment that Sessions was conflating being unsure about what was said during a meeting with forgetting about a meeting entirely.

The exchange came after Franken asked Sessions to explain the shifting statements he's made since he told senators he "did not have communications with the Russians" during his confirmation hearing in January.

"The goal post has been moved".

SESSIONS: I do not confirm or deny the existence of any communication between the president that I consider to be confidential. However, he said he had not been informed about a meeting on 9 June 2016, between the president's son, son-in-law and campaign manager with a Russian lawyer offering damaging material about Hillary Clinton. "They're going to cut me off and so I want to ask you some questions".

"Senator Feinstein, that calls for communication that I've had with the president, and I believe it remains confidential", Sessions replied during often contentious testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. But I am really excited about the new director, Chris Wray, who you've confirmed with an overwhelming vote and I believe he's going to be able to do the job of Federal Bureau of Investigation director with great skill and integrity.