Microsoft relases Xbox One Fall Update with cool features

Posted October 19, 2017

The Fall Update just shipped for everyone but Microsoft is continually updating the system with new features that go out to members of the Xbox Insider Program. The Community feed has been altered to fit more content, and your personal Activity feed has new privacy settings to specify who can and can't see your content. Right-to-left languages, specifically Arabic and Hebrew, are now available as language options in the console settings.

Nothing is more exciting than updating your Xbox and using a new dashboard. There are new options to help save time when moving from one Xbox One to another (including Xbox One X), so you can get back to playing faster.

That means you can basically set up your Xbox One X now and copy it all over later.

Which OG Xbox game would you most like to play on your Xbox 360? And, if you don't have an external HDD handy, you'll be able to do it via a network transfer when you have both machines connected. Pins - the ability to add tiles of games and apps to your homepage - have been around for a long time, but I've never bothered to use them until now.

Those with experience of using the Xbox One dashboard will know that often it can become hard to find what you are looking for, especially, if you own a lot of items.

If your bandwidth supports a 1080p broadcast, we will upgrade it automatically for your Xbox One family of devices.

It'll also rearrange your notifications if you haven't turned your console on for a while, providing you with all the most important notifications/activities that you've missed first.

So, how do you get access to the latest, and possibly greatest, Xbox software update? Xbox One X Enhanced titles can also be found on the Xbox Store with a dedicated search category, and you can also sort and filter Installed and Ready to Install games in your library to find Xbox One X Enhanced titles.

The new Xbox One dashboard is now available for all Xbox One and Xbox One S users, with "more great features" coming soon.

The Fall Update starting rolling out earlier this week, so if you haven't already be sure to update your console.