Oculus announces the stand-alone Oculus Go VR headset

Posted October 14, 2017

More news about the upcoming Oculus Go headset will be released in the months leading up to the release.

Looks-wise, the Oculus Go is eerily similar to Google's recent VR effort; the Daydream View.

Unveiled earlier this week, the headset is the first major hardware launch from Oculus since the company was bought by Facebook in 2014. Those who didn't have this phone couldn't experience the Facebook's virtual reality.

Oculus Go features: What's new?

Zuckerberg remains convinced that VR will evolve into a technology that reshapes the way people interact and experience life, much like Facebook's social networks and smartphones already have.

Now that we know roughly when to expect the Oculus Go to become available in the United Kingdom, how much will it cost?

How does that compare to the competition? Unlike the Samsung Gear VR, which relies on a smartphone for screen and processing power, the Oculus Go is entirely self-contained. The company also slashed the price of the Oculus Rift and touch controllers, which require a high-end personal computer, from $499 to $399 on Wednesday. The virtual reality product will cost the consumers $199, to feel the heat of reality with this gadget.

The same set also runs at £399 for the United Kingdom and European Union markets, as well as making it a whole lot more affordable than competing offers like the HTC Vive, which still retails for about $600 as of this time. Also, the Rift requires a high-powered PC in order to power the headset, and cables and wires that mean it are not handy enough for the users. In fact, he suggested that developers start by "sprucing up some Gear VR-level things", not bringing Rift games over. The last VR system wasn't a hit, and its sales reflected it. Analysts say that this might be the Facebook's last chance to launch a VR if the public doesn't appreciate it.

Oculus Go: What will it offer?

Zuckerberg also wants one billion people to join VR. But how? Let's talk specifics.

The standalone VR headset will be shipped with speakers and an individual controller.

The existing VR user base is so small that even a game released on several different headsets might not be profitable.

Zuckerberg promised the Oculus Go will be "the most accessible VR experience ever", and help realize his new goal of having 1 billion people dwelling in virtual reality at some point in the future.

But, what else does Oculus Go offer that its fully fleshed out sibling does not?