Google goes Goldilocks with Home Mini and Home Max speakers

Posted October 05, 2017

Google has announced the Google Home Max, a speaker with 20 times the power of Google Home. The company introduced the new product during an event in California on Wednesday morning. The device will be available in stores from October 19, with pre-orders opening today.

But what do you actually do with it?

The cutesy, hockey puck design of the Google Home Mini is a stylish one, and as is the trend with the current crop of smart speakers it's come mostly covered in a soft-touch mesh material. You just can't pack much of an audio bunch in a package that small. While the bigger home assistant has 2-inch drivers in its speaker setup, the new Mini is certain to have something smaller and weaker. Google says over 1,000 smart home products now work with Assistant.

You don't get any of the bass you get with Google Home, but if you're music isn't thumping bass tones then the Home Mini is a great casual listening device. When you combine that concept with the ability to control your TV and various devices (lights, thermostat, etc.) through voice, it's easy to see how Google Home Mini could effectively make your home far more connected.

The Google Home Max reverses the Mini's attention to cost and size reduction, offering up the same Google Home experience in a larger chassis with increased audio output.

The Home Max will go on sale in December - just as Apple has said of its competing HomePod - and it will cost $399, a little more than the $349 Apple smart speaker, which is powered by Siri. It will be available in Coral, Chalk, and Charcoal colour variants.

But at least now they can whine at the Google device instead of you. Another new feature is Broadcasts, which will allow users to broadcast a message on all of the Google Home speakers in a home. The new wireless earphones also support real-time Google translation tech in 40 languages. Google is providing users a free 12 months subscription to YouTube Red. Handsfree calling, which was introduced earlier in the USA, will also be coming to the United Kingdom, later this year.