Congress Asks Facebook & Google To Testify On 2016 Elections

Posted October 01, 2017

In response, Twitter said, "These are not meant to be definitive solutions". The company said all of those accounts had either previously been suspended or were immediately after they were found.

In a report titled "Russian Interference in 2016 US Election, Bots, & Misinformation", Twitter said it had discovered that 22 accounts were linked with the 450 accounts that Facebook Inc. had also linked with Russian-based organizations targeting USA voters.

Of the 450 accounts that Facebook released as part of its investigation, Twitter was able to match 22 of those to accounts on its own site. Alex Stamos, Facebook chief security officer, said at the time that the majority of the ads focused on "divisive social and political messages", including immigration, gun control or LGBT issues.

The Daily Beast reported on Wednesday that one perpetrator created Facebook group "United Muslims of America", bought ads on the social media network, and used Twitter and Instagram to spread inflammatory memes.

The Russian government has been linked to a black activist social media campaign promoted during the 2016 presidential campaign on both Facebook and Twitter, a new report by CNN reveals.

In a closed-door meeting late Thursday, Colin Crowell, Twitter's Vice President for Public Policy, met with staff from Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence to discuss the issue.

Twitter added that it found another 179 associated accounts, but none was registered as an advertiser. He called Twitter's response to the alleged Russian meddling "inadequate on nearly every level".

In a statement this month, Twitter said it "deeply respects the integrity of the election process", and it has worked to combat "bots and other forms of manipulation that violate our Terms of Service".

However the company admitted its future fight may not be with bots as much as with human users."When large numbers of human-directed accounts act in coordinated fashion, it can have an effect similar to that of spam", the company said.

Reuters noted that Warner in remarks to reporters called Twitter's statements "deeply disappointing" and "inadequate on nearly every level".

Asked if he would subpoena Twitter, Warner said, "My goal with all of these entities and enterprises is to continue to try to work on a cooperative basis".