Brawl breaks out in Ugandan Parliament for second day

Posted September 29, 2017

The move on Wednesday met widespread opposition from civic rights activists, opposition politicians and religious leaders.

At least 25 MPs opposed to the proposed constitutional amendment were ejected.

A fight broke out in Uganda's parliament on Tuesday amid efforts to introduce legislation that could extend the president's decades-long hold on power.

The age-limit issue has been so contentious that last week Parliament had to be adjourned after MPs heckled each other, shouted at each other and whistled.

"The Commission has noted with concern that both radio and television broadcasting operators are relaying live broadcasts which is inciting the public, discriminating, stirring up hatred, promoting a culture of violence amongst viewers and are likely to create public insecurity or violence", the statement said.

Lawmakers threw chairs, used microphone stands as makeshift weapons and brawled on top of the seats in the house.

At least two female lawmakers were carried out of the chamber after collapsing in the free for all and were rushed to hospital where they are now getting medical attention.

When finally put to the vote, the bill is expected to pass easily, as the majority of the almost 500-member chamber belongs to the ruling party. The current age-limits are preventing him from standing for another term, and that is the primary reason for the amendment of the constitution.

Uganda has remained restive over the proposed Constitutional amendment, seen as a significant step towards securing a free run for President Yoweri Museveni to seek re-election in 2021.

The brawling in parliament continued on Wednesday.

Anti-government protests were also staged by students and opposition activists in some parts of the country over the past days, and three local journalists were taken into custody while covering the rallies.